Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuck Inside the Sarlacc With Those Memphis Blues Again

Aaaaaand we're back, with another two pages for your consuming pleasure. Thanks to everyone for having patience, but expect slightly more frequent updates (and I do mean 'slightly'). In the meantime, enjoy these pages for what they are; completely gross.

That being said, Andrew's and my bizarre, disjointed writing process is what ultimately resulted in these strange penis-spiders. When describing my spice-spider vision to Andrew, it went like this--
"they have venomy-drippy fangs, and web leaking from their asses. they look disgusting, but pornographic in a way."

I suppose I could have found another word to describe "massively detailed," but I think the result justifies the means. Enjoy the nightmare food, space cowboy.

Anyways, the important thing to remember is that this plot is definitely going somewhere, super promise. Spoiler alert: the spiders don't kill our heroes. They do actually get to Mos Eisley, as the title suggests.

Coming up next week, expect one or two hilarious (but entirely unrelated to this plot arc) comic strips, brought to you by your (increasingly unreliable) friends at boatonahill!


  1. OMG....This has to get the greatest thing in existence. :D