Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twi'leks ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

Gasp! An update, in a relatively timely fashion?! Get used to it, pathetic humans, because in some insomnia-inspired glory, we powered through a ton of work. Get ready for this thing to function slightly more like a proper web comic.

In any event, updates should be on a more frequent basis in the upcoming weeks--we're already working on the next two pages! Maybe we can even gather a consistent audience! Just like a real webcomic! We're growing up so fast, it seems like just yesterday Andrew and I were publicly defecating in our pants (protip: it was).

In other news, someone on the internet noticed us! So thank you, Si the Movie Guy, for the 500+ page views you gave us (but not for not responding to my tweet! Get with the program man, it's web 2.0!). Very happy to know that we continue our public image of high-probability candidates for serial murder.

So that's all for now, enjoy this lonesome page. To make up for not having a second, enjoy this genuine concept art.

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