Monday, August 29, 2011

Godspeed You! Galactic Emperor

And we're back. That is to say, I'm back, briefly, to post this handful of pages.

Out of some ungodly combination of laziness, and having an incredibly busy schedule, I've been fully incapable of making this update for the past two months or so. So now, on this lovely late-August day, I will drag myself from my hurricane shelter, and out from the tree beneath which I was pinned, to tell show you these pages, and update everyone a bit about our current situation.

As Andrew has officially started his new nursing program, our time to work on this comic is going to be (sadly) very limited. We will try our best to still get out pages, but I see the schedule becoming increasingly sporadic. If you stay patient with us, we will continue to post, and reach our end point.

In better news, we have plans to release a tangible, hard, paper copy of F&L for public consumption. So as to keep ourselves from being sued, we will sell these at no profit to ourselves. They will include all of the pages up until the decided upon 'stopping point' for issue 1, the bonus materials posted here on the blog, as well as bonus materials we will be creating which are book exclusive. Updates will be coming soon.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm in a Twi'lek State of Mind

Get ready for some nightmare food, folks. Herein lies a specimen truly proving the moral depravity of my associate, Andrew, and myself. Enter at your own (legitimate) risk. At this point, I can hardly remember where half of the ideas in this comic came from, but I have to imagine they are unique to ourselves. I mean, in who else's life is
"Is that Gran with the Ewok jerking his eyes off visible enough?"
a normal, acceptable sentence? A man recently told me 'if there is a God,' then I am 'definitely going to Hell.' Though it was in reference to my professional life--trying to get gay marriage legalized--it seemed a poignant commentary on the rest of my life as well. Just for fun, here is the remainder of his quote, edited for brevity and style;
"I've been thinkin' about you guys all weekend, I can't believe you're out here doin' this shit. You know you're humiliatin' yourself, right? I mean, maybe not in the eyes of the Liberal Assholes and The Faggots, but definitely in the eyes of God. If there's a God, you're definitely goin' to hell."

I believe this is an appropriate time to reveal another fun fact; our fourth highest source of traffic (behind Reddit, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Twitter) is Google. More specifically, that source of traffic is the search terms "Lekku Porn," and "Twi'lek Porn."

In other news, my first foray into the world of paid Reddit advertisement was a relative success. It garnered about as many page-views as a reasonably upvoted free submission would. I have a strange habit, or I guess 'behavioral pattern,' which for one reason or another makes me forget about money as soon as I spend it. Due to this, when I get compensation checks from work, for money I had previously spent, I think of it like some undeserved bonus. When I receive these "bonuses' I have the immediate urge to spend it on some nonsensical impulse buy, because it's 'free money.' Thus, I spent $80 on paid Reddit time.
Interesting stuff, I know.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We've Gotta Get Out of This Place (House of the Rising Suns)

I herd u lyke new pages. The hits keep coming, and there's no stopping it now--we have a genuine readership. Somehow, this weird little thing we make has managed to have consistent daily views, (thanks entirely to some very flattering things, written by some very nice people) and it seems like people genuinely enjoy it.

I think it's only a matter of time before we sell out. I'm considering selling ad-space on the next set of pages, anyone interested? I always thought the Doc's shirt would look great with BEST BUY plastered across it. In fact, we've already integrated advertisements into the comic, what with the Jollibee cup on the cover.

I guess, in a way, this whole comic could be considered a big advertisement for Lucasarts. I doubt GL would want to associate himself with this mess, but I guess we sold out before we even had something to sell.

In any event, we had a few single-strip comics we wanted to post up here, just one-off jokes, but we felt they should probably be kept under wraps for a little while. It seemed in bad taste to post comics poking fun at Japanophilic Otaku culture right after a devestating Tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown (FYI Firefox spellcheck suggested I change 'Japanophilic' to 'Necrophilic--talk about insensitive), so we're holding off for a little bit. So for the time being, enjoy more plot continuity.

Sweet, sweet, dreaded continuity. Someday this will all make sense to you, my dear reader, but right now I fear it's still a very disjointed story. Maybe not. It will all pick up very soon--if I'm not mistaken, in the next four pages or so--and we'll be into some real story shit.

Also, enjoy this concept art. I'm not entirely sure where/if this supercool image can be shoehorned into this story, but God help me, I will find a way.

Also also, you can check out our pathetic attempt to seem relevant in the current media-saturated world by following us on the twitter. Or you can 'like' us on the Facebook, with the button on the right side of the page.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twi'leks ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

Gasp! An update, in a relatively timely fashion?! Get used to it, pathetic humans, because in some insomnia-inspired glory, we powered through a ton of work. Get ready for this thing to function slightly more like a proper web comic.

In any event, updates should be on a more frequent basis in the upcoming weeks--we're already working on the next two pages! Maybe we can even gather a consistent audience! Just like a real webcomic! We're growing up so fast, it seems like just yesterday Andrew and I were publicly defecating in our pants (protip: it was).

In other news, someone on the internet noticed us! So thank you, Si the Movie Guy, for the 500+ page views you gave us (but not for not responding to my tweet! Get with the program man, it's web 2.0!). Very happy to know that we continue our public image of high-probability candidates for serial murder.

So that's all for now, enjoy this lonesome page. To make up for not having a second, enjoy this genuine concept art.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuck Inside the Sarlacc With Those Memphis Blues Again

Aaaaaand we're back, with another two pages for your consuming pleasure. Thanks to everyone for having patience, but expect slightly more frequent updates (and I do mean 'slightly'). In the meantime, enjoy these pages for what they are; completely gross.

That being said, Andrew's and my bizarre, disjointed writing process is what ultimately resulted in these strange penis-spiders. When describing my spice-spider vision to Andrew, it went like this--
"they have venomy-drippy fangs, and web leaking from their asses. they look disgusting, but pornographic in a way."

I suppose I could have found another word to describe "massively detailed," but I think the result justifies the means. Enjoy the nightmare food, space cowboy.

Anyways, the important thing to remember is that this plot is definitely going somewhere, super promise. Spoiler alert: the spiders don't kill our heroes. They do actually get to Mos Eisley, as the title suggests.

Coming up next week, expect one or two hilarious (but entirely unrelated to this plot arc) comic strips, brought to you by your (increasingly unreliable) friends at boatonahill!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Before...

The first two pages have been completed, and we feel these constitute what some would call a "reasonable start." This update is by no means timely, but it is the pace you should expect.

Andrew just started nursing school, and I am about to be catapulted back into campaign season. This means that (sadly) neither of us has the time for a regular schedule of writing or illustrating.

In any event, I know there is no plot just yet, but hopefully this update will give more of a flavor of where things are going. I promise, we'll get to the meat of the story very soon. Just keep reminding yourself, there is a plot.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inauguration Day

So here it is, the cover page for what will soon be the first Boatonahill comic. Not to give too much away, but expect the obvious; spice-induced debauchery, Rodian tickle porn, Twi'lek prostitutes and armed robbery of Jawas, among other things. Get psyched. Depending on our schedules, expect updates twice a month, beginning in the new year.