Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm in a Twi'lek State of Mind

Get ready for some nightmare food, folks. Herein lies a specimen truly proving the moral depravity of my associate, Andrew, and myself. Enter at your own (legitimate) risk. At this point, I can hardly remember where half of the ideas in this comic came from, but I have to imagine they are unique to ourselves. I mean, in who else's life is
"Is that Gran with the Ewok jerking his eyes off visible enough?"
a normal, acceptable sentence? A man recently told me 'if there is a God,' then I am 'definitely going to Hell.' Though it was in reference to my professional life--trying to get gay marriage legalized--it seemed a poignant commentary on the rest of my life as well. Just for fun, here is the remainder of his quote, edited for brevity and style;
"I've been thinkin' about you guys all weekend, I can't believe you're out here doin' this shit. You know you're humiliatin' yourself, right? I mean, maybe not in the eyes of the Liberal Assholes and The Faggots, but definitely in the eyes of God. If there's a God, you're definitely goin' to hell."

I believe this is an appropriate time to reveal another fun fact; our fourth highest source of traffic (behind Reddit, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Twitter) is Google. More specifically, that source of traffic is the search terms "Lekku Porn," and "Twi'lek Porn."

In other news, my first foray into the world of paid Reddit advertisement was a relative success. It garnered about as many page-views as a reasonably upvoted free submission would. I have a strange habit, or I guess 'behavioral pattern,' which for one reason or another makes me forget about money as soon as I spend it. Due to this, when I get compensation checks from work, for money I had previously spent, I think of it like some undeserved bonus. When I receive these "bonuses' I have the immediate urge to spend it on some nonsensical impulse buy, because it's 'free money.' Thus, I spent $80 on paid Reddit time.
Interesting stuff, I know.

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