Monday, August 29, 2011

Godspeed You! Galactic Emperor

And we're back. That is to say, I'm back, briefly, to post this handful of pages.

Out of some ungodly combination of laziness, and having an incredibly busy schedule, I've been fully incapable of making this update for the past two months or so. So now, on this lovely late-August day, I will drag myself from my hurricane shelter, and out from the tree beneath which I was pinned, to tell show you these pages, and update everyone a bit about our current situation.

As Andrew has officially started his new nursing program, our time to work on this comic is going to be (sadly) very limited. We will try our best to still get out pages, but I see the schedule becoming increasingly sporadic. If you stay patient with us, we will continue to post, and reach our end point.

In better news, we have plans to release a tangible, hard, paper copy of F&L for public consumption. So as to keep ourselves from being sued, we will sell these at no profit to ourselves. They will include all of the pages up until the decided upon 'stopping point' for issue 1, the bonus materials posted here on the blog, as well as bonus materials we will be creating which are book exclusive. Updates will be coming soon.


  1. by the force

    this is the most beautiful thing


  2. Can't help but notice the lack up updates.

  3. Sadly, Andrew and I both have demanding professional/scholastic lives, which keeps us from working on F&L as much as we would like to. Hopefully we'll be getting a few new pages together in the next few weeks.